Vaalia’s ambassador and clinical dietitian, Jaime Rose Chambers shares why she loves Vaalia yoghurt

By Jaime Rose Chambers, Accredited Practicing Dietitian (B. Nutrition & Dietetics)

Why I choose Vaalia yoghurt

As a clinical dietitian who has been working with patients for 15 years, one of the food categories that is most confusing for consumers is yoghurt. It’s a food that seems to paralyse people as there’s so much information out there, often conflicting information on its benefits. 

There are also so many options! No fat and low fat, Greek and plain, flavoured and no added sugar, and lactose-free, plant yoghurt or sheep’s yoghurt, and of course, probiotic yoghurt. So, of all the yoghurts out there on the market, why do I love Vaalia yoghurt so much and have chosen to proudly be their ambassador?

The biggest appeal to me around Vaalia yoghurt is the scientifically tested health benefits from its probiotics. So, few brands can make legitimate health claims as they don’t have the research to support it. Most people assume that all yoghurts contain probiotics but in fact, not all yoghurts do.

Vaalia yoghurt contains live strains of scientifically tested probiotic bacteria in specific doses that has been added to the yoghurt. These probiotics have been independently tested and shown to improve digestion and immunity*.


Vaalia in my clinic

In my clinic, I often recommend Vaalia yoghurt instead of probiotics for those who has either finished a course of antibiotics or have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and we are trying to restore gut health. My patients who are lactose-intolerant or are following a diet protocol known as the low FODMAP Diet for IBS must have lactose-free products, so I simply ask them to choose from the Vaalia lactose-free range. 

Many of my patients see me for weight loss or diabetes where they need to regulate their blood sugar and insulin levels as part of their controlled diet. In these instances, I recommend the Vaalia products that contain no added sugars, such as the original plain Vaalia yoghurt. As it’s a good source of protein, it also makes for an excellent snack that is filling and satisfying and won’t spike blood sugar and insulin levels.

Many of my patients have removed dairy from their diet as they’ve heard it’s not good for them. This removes almost all the calcium from their diet and puts them at greater risk of developing osteoporosis, or brittle bones. However, dairy has been shown to be a safe and healthy food, with yoghurt being shown to be the most beneficial as it’s fermented and cultured and therefore acts differently in our body and is often best tolerated. For these patients, I usually reintroduce calcium rich foods into their diet by starting with a serve of Vaalia yoghurt each day.


Vaalia in my everyday life 

Besides being a staple in my patient’s diet, Vaalia is also a staple in my children’s. I think it’s safe to say my kids have had a Vaalia yoghurt most days of their lives since they were toddlers. Even on those horrible days when they were sick, the one food I could consistently get them to eat was a Vaalia yoghurt pouch because they tasted good while also being easy to eat. The pouches were a great way for them to learn how to eat independently. Today, they are still a regular in the boy’s lunch boxes, helping us get through tough winters by supporting their immune systems. 

*As part of a varied and healthy diet, LGG® and BB-12® probiotics in Vaalia yoghurt at a daily intake of at least 1 billion cfu each, can strengthen the immune system and improve bowel function in the general adult population; also with dietary fibre for regularity.

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