Vaalia Kids

Vaalia is officially Australia’s most loved Kids yoghurt^, and it’s not hard to see why.

Our Vaalia Kids range is deliciously creamy and helps kids Feel Good…
Made with 3 probiotics including LGG ® which can help strengthen the immune system*.

Vaalia Kids yoghurt is full of calcium and protein for growing bodies and strong bones and teeth. It also contains the vitamin B12 for sustained energy and concentration.

Vaalia Kids yoghurt is available in a variety of delicious flavours the kids will love, making them the perfect delicious snack to pop in the lunchbox or when your kids are on-the-go!

*As part of a varied and healthy diet, LGG ® probiotic in Vaalia yoghurt at a daily intake of at least 1 billion CFU can strengthen the immune system in the general population.
^ Source: IRI Scan Sales, Value $000, Australia Grocery Wtd, MAT 06/02/22.